Conflict-Free Diamonds and Ethical Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds: The diamond mining industry has a dark history, marked by unethical practices and human suffering. Conflict diamonds, also known as "blood diamonds", are mined under inhumane conditions, particularly in central and western Africa. Miners in these mines often face poor working and safety conditions and child labor may also be used. The mines are controlled by warlords who use the profits to finance their wars. This has led to widespread human rights abuses and has had a devastating impact on the people and communities involved.

Conflict-free Diamonds: Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that are not mined, traded or sold in a way that is associated with human rights abuses, violence, or funding of armed conflict. They are sourced from mines that adhere to ethical and responsible practices, with a focus on worker safety, fair labor practices, and environmental sustainability. Conflict-free diamonds are an important alternative for consumers who are concerned about the humanitarian impact of their jewelry purchases and want to ensure that their diamonds were not involved in human rights abuses or conflict financing.

Ethical Diamonds: Ethical diamonds refer to diamonds that are mined, traded, and sold in a way that is considered to be socially and environmentally responsible. This includes ensuring fair treatment of workers, safe working conditions, and minimizing the environmental impact of diamond mining. Ethical diamonds provide consumers with an alternative to diamonds that may have been mined under exploitative or inhumane conditions, and are a way for people to make a positive impact with their jewelry purchases.

Our Diamond Policy: At Deluxe Karat, we are committed to environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing of diamonds. We understand the negative impact that diamond mining can have on the environment and human rights and is dedicated to only carrying diamonds that are free from conflict and ethically sourced. To ensure this, Deluxe Karat works closely with its vendors to guarantee that all diamonds are certified under the Kimberley Process and comply with US laws. This commitment demonstrates the company's dedication to promoting responsible and sustainable practices within the diamond industry.